Greetings my jet-setting-fan-friends

I am currently in NYC, thanking my fans in a new video greeting,  Stay tuned for my chit and chat with star of ‘Welcome to Sweden” Greg Poehler. Gonna be an epic conversational chat!

I’m also preparing for the new, hip, edgy and highly entertaining (yet informative) shows of my new, exclusive series;

JAN DOES NEW YORK! Fun for the whole family!

Big TACK, KRAM o PUSS (thanks hugs and kiss) to my fan-friends for their support and financial generosity! Watch me THANK YOU in person in this recorded video from the Stockholm archipelago!

Thanks for watching my exclusive super shows from Hollywood and the award winning smash hit series, Easy to Assemble!

I had such a terrific time with celebs like, Tom Arnold, Greg Proops, Kate Micucci, Wayne Federman and of course the creator/star of the show, Illeana Douglas.

You can find my shows on YouTube. Check it out!

ETA Season 4 - This Side Up. ls also playing on Dailymotion.

Välkommen! Welcome! Bienvenue! Ein herzliches Dankeschön!

/Jan Jansson


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Hollywood and the smash hit show:

Easy to Assemble

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Swedish celebrity, travel show host and cultural night hawk.

With the star/creator of “Welcome to Sweden” on NBC and TV4. New show coming soon!